Do you want to sing for a lifetime?
To keep your voice strong, beautiful, and dependable
despite the many vocal challenges that each of us faces with each passing decade,
especially those decades past 40?

Do you want to sing right up until your parting breath?

If so, I understand. My name is Natalie Eastman. I’m a soprano soloist and voice instructor, owner of A Higher Note LLC. Singing until I die is one of my life’s major goals. But, honestly, I don’t just want to sing… I want to sing well. I want to have a voice others enjoy hearing and that I enjoy hearing, too. Does that describe something in your heart, too?

Discover How to Keep the Voice You Love (or Get the Voice You’ve Always Wanted!)
So That You Can
✯ Get and keep your your best voice for life!
✯ Feed Your Soul
✯ Have a singing voice others want to hear (and that you like, too!)
✯ Do What You Enjoy
✯ Sing with power, control, range, expression, and joy!
…until your parting breath!

If you’re anything like me, you don’t just want to sing “okay” as you get older, to simply be tolerable.

Instead, you want to surmount all of the vocal challenges the decades bring:

  • fading voice
  • loss of control
  • warbly-ness
  • decreased resonance
  • loss of range (at both ends, but especially the high end!)
  • decreased confidence in your voice’s dependability
  • and so many other issues!

Do any of the following describe you?

  • You want to sing with control, not warbly so people (including you) are cringing as they listen
  • You want to sing with power, being able to effectively communicate the strong emotions many songs bring
  • You want to sing with expression, controlled skillfully in both soft and loud parts of the music, with a wide range of feelings
  • You want to keep (or get!) as wide of a range as you possibly can, and maintain that for as long as you can throughout your life
  • You want to sing with joy, forgetting the mechanisms that produce and control your voice and support
  • You want to sing with abandon and know that your voice will be there for you – all your life!

Are you on a journey to keep singing, too?

If so, how would it feel…

  • to get your best voice – one that will LAST for a lifetime?
  • if your voice were dependable – you knew that when you asked it to produce something, even challenging and powerful, that it could perform?
  • to make your voice better than ever and relieve stress in the process?
  • to nurture your singing voice so that it keeps growing – and you keep growing personally – even when the world feels like it has kind of stopped in its tracks?
  • to continue actualizing those vocal goals and aspirations you’ve had for years, but which have taken a back burner lately?

or to…

  • keep growing in the knowledge and practice of exactly how to accomplish all of those vocal goals, dreams, and aspirations?
  • know what you need to do on a daily basis that will help you develop the strength, suppleness, health, and expression of your voice
  • be able to keep singing with your best voice for an entire lifetime, no matter what comes your way?

How would that feel?


Get the singing instruction and vocal coaching you need– online in a group setting, receiving robust training, regular feedback, and lots of encouragement and support. Here’s how:

A Higher Note LLC’s newest opportunity:

Keep Singing! An Online Group Singing Lessons & Vocal-Coaching Program

What’s included?

Vocal Exercises for Many Purposes

In your membership modules, you’ll receive immediate access to many basic exercises. On a weekly basis, you’ll receive access to additional exercises, both original and curated suggestions, that will challenge, work, and grow your voice and performance skills!

LIVE Group Training & Coaching Sessions

FOUR monthly live group coaching sessions, whether video or audio call format, each month. In these sessions, you hear directly from me and get to ask questions directly to me. Direct access.

  • Training Sessions on specific vocal-growth topics – 2X/month
  • What’s Holding You Back? Week – 1x/month
  • Q&A Session – 1x/month

Instructional Video, Audio, PDF, & More

Many of the exercises and instructions will be provided to you in video format. For your convenience, you’ll also often receive access to transcript, e-books, audio files, and other instructional helps.

Weekly Emails That Make the Growth Process Super-Step-by-Step

You’ll receive weekly emails outlining what you can accomplish that week. They’ll also give you encouragement & inspiration. Use these in coordination with your Checklists and Calendars for a super-charged training regimen.

Checklists, Calendars, Transcripts, & More

Grow in your vocal skill and ability with step-by-step instructions to get you to where you want to be vocally! No more wondering what to do next to get YOUR BEST VOICE.

Performance Feedback from Both Your Instructor & Community

We have TWO forums for community and personal growth: (1) our private group-coaching platform, designed specifically for delivery of the content modules, keeping you apprised of group trainings, and logging/journaling practice. For performance feedback, you can post video/audio of yourself to the private Keep Singing! Facebook Group to receive feedback and encouragement from community members and your instructor!


The Keep Singing! program is SO MUCH MORE THAN a “recorded online course.”

Keep Singing! is a membership program with online instruction, yes. But the key differentiator is that KS! features LIVE COACHING –multiple times each month in addition to the coursework and the step-by-step resources and weekly emails – all for a very reasonable price.

The Keep Singing! program will have recorded instruction in various media types (video, audio, pdf). But what sets Keep Singing! apart from an “online course” – and what makes the price so incredible – is the LIVE COACHING.

Four times each month.

Aside from all of the other advantages the Keep Singing! program offers, THAT LIVE TRAINING and REGULAR, DIRECT ACCESS TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR (at such an affordable price in this industry) is what makes this program stand out in the vocal-training industry and be, well, flat-out incredible.

So you have the live coaching opportunities four times each month as a huge feature that makes this program (and its price) incredible.

But, you have even more resources available to you…

You also have the OPTION of individual attention via monthly private laser coaching sessions.

Once you’re inside the program, for an extremely reasonable add-on fee, you will be able to schedule 15-minute private, laser coaching sessions with me. These are available on an ad hoc basis; they are not “regularly scheduled” – you schedule them directly with me.
Natalie Eastman Owner, A Higher Note LLC Your Primary Instructor for Keep Singing!

In your private laser-coaching session, you will be able to send/bring any and all issues, questions, obstacles, or goals to discuss with me. I will focus entirely on you for that session. During your laser coaching session, I will pinpoint the issues, provide you with specific exercises and solutions, and help you on your way quickly and efficiently.

Use the Buttons Below to Register for the Keep Singing! Program. Choose your payment

  • Annual payment – $1997/year
  • Monthly payment – $197/month

This button is for the ANNUAL payment:

This button is for the MONTHLY payment:

To potential Keep Singing! members,


I’ve created an outstandingly thorough online-group-coaching format for singing lessons. If you want to grow your voice and keep it for life, this will be a fantastic way to do it! No, it’s not the only way – you have many options out there. But I want to let you know that I’ve been stockpiling the ideas, resources, exercises, and formats. I’ve been a member of several online membership vocal-training programs myself for several years. I’ve purchased a lot more stand-alone, one-time purchase products (video downloads, pdf’s, video courses, etc.). I’ve used each fully. I wanted not only to learn from the expertise each had to offer, but I wanted to see what they’re like; experience first-hand how they teach the material and create community (or don’t); watch how they communicate the concepts; and observe what they include, what they leave out, what they emphasize, the tone, whom they attract, etc., etc.

I have liked most of them, not all. I really like some of them. I’ve loved a few.

But none of them, not even the ones I’ve loved, include both the teaching AND the live group coaching – and certainly not 4 live-group-coaching opportunities every month. And certainly not for this kind of price.

Yet, honestly, because of the combination of

(1) the multiple-times-per-month live group trainings,
(2) the instructional resources,
(3) the weekly emails,
(4) the step-by-step resources,
(5) the online community “gathering spot” powered by GroupCoachingGenie and
(5) the laser-coaching options available to you,
it’s win-win-win, all the way around.

Honestly, I’ve designed it to provide you with a ton of value and to create a community that truly supports the vision for each of us to sing for a lifetime and keep growing as we do it.

  • I can give lots of teaching time, one-on-many, during our live teaching and coaching meetings.
  • You can develop each aspect of your vocal skills – and do so at your own pace, on your own timetable.
  • You get to connect with other KS! members and with me in our exclusive online membership forum (not a Facebook group, but an online group-coaching membership area!).
  • This members-only area online has practice log/journaling capabilities and all manner of notifications to keep you on track and modules added monthly to keep you moving forward.
  • Yet, we also have a Facebook Group where you can post video and audio of yourself (practice or performance) so you can receive feedback and encouragement – as often as you want. And you can (and the hope is that you will) watch and listen to others’ performances and provide them with encouragement and feedback, too. Be the community you want.
  • You get to be taken by the hand with the step-by-step materials (checklists, journal) and weekly encouragement and training emails.
  • Simultaneously, it’s still sustainable for me as an instructor who’s running a business providing vocal instruction, and who is still performing from time to time, is still pursuing vocal dreams, and who has children at home.

The bottom line: not one of us is getting any younger. And you have only one voice to love, cherish, and protect during your wild-and-wooly life.

Isn’t it time to give your voice the attention, care, and training it needs…

  • to be able to serve you well for lifetime, throughout all of the challenges the decades bring?
  • to be enjoyable to listen to (and to hear yourself!)?
  • to feel good using it?
  • to be strong, agile, resilient, and amazing until your final breath?

If you have taken private lessons with me – or with any other instructor, for that matter…

then you know that this is an AMAZING offer.

If you’ve looked around at online programs…

then you know that this is an amazing offer.

You can join today, right here:

  • Annual payment – $1997/year
  • Monthly payment – $197/month

This button is for the ANNUAL payment:

This button is for the MONTHLY payment:

Here is what will be included (in other words, here’s what you’re going to get!):

  • FOUR Live Online Zoom-Based Trainings each month:
    >> Live Group training on specific voice training and vocal performance topics. (You can even request that specific topics be covered!)
    >> Live “What’s in your way?” week, 1x/month
    >> Live Q&A 1x/month
  • A private Facebook page where you can post performances and get feedback. From time to time, I will also conduct other live, all-community meetings, such as warmup sessions or helpful topics I’m exploring at the time that are “breaking news,” so to speak.
  • A private community forum just for the AHN Keep Singing! Program members powered by GroupCoachingGenie, where you can access all of the material, communicate with me via messaging or email, check in with others in the group, post your performance videos, receive feedback from myself and others in the community, and provide feedback to others in our community.
  • Weekly emails containing encouragement, inspiration, and sometimes a little pushing to keep you moving forward, practicing, getting out there, and growing!
  • Checklists and many other tools and resources for staying on track with the exercises you learn, training you receive, practicing you accomplish, and performances you do.

Today, you can continue, or perhaps begin, your journey of vocal development, feeding your soul and pursuing your dreams as you journey.

Or you can also choose to let your voice stagnate because of the indecision, fear, or uncertainty.

But remember: there is a cost to inaction:

  • You lose traction on past progress you’ve made. This is true with each passing year.
  • Your voice is one of the “use it or lose it” prospects we each face in life.
  • Your voice stagnates for an undetermined period of time.
  • Your momentum sags while you wait to get started or get back on track – some day.
  • Your practice habits flounder, flag, or never get off the ground in the first place.
  • Your dreams for your voice and performing are delayed indefinitely.
  • You let fear, indecision, worry, or uncertainty win a battle (maybe not the war, but certainly a battle).
  • Your voice slips away.
  • You end up letting indecision get you down.

Don’t you know I experience these feelings and issues too, in many areas of my life? I don’t want that for you and your voice, as much as I don’t want it for my own!

How about together we keep singing?

Keep Singing! An Online Group Singing Lessons & Vocal Coaching Program.

  • Annual payment – $1997/year
  • Monthly payment – $197/month

To make the Annual Payment:

To make Monthly Payments:


14-Day Trial for $1

When you register, you automatically get a 14-Day $1 Trial period before your regular payment kicks in. This will give you time to get “settled in,” get your stuff together that you’ll find in the instructions over the first several days of your trial membership. By the time your payment kicks in, you will be ready to go.

We guarantee our products and services. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the Keep Singing! program or your Laser-Coaching session, we will cheerfully prorate-refund your annual payment or refund your monthly payment within 30 days of your first payment (not the $1 trial – but 30 days after your actual payment kicks in). For Guarantee issues, simply email us at

Register today for Keep Singing! Group Online Singing Lessons & Vocal Coaching Program

If you’ve read this far and haven’t clicked the subscribe button yet, my guess is that you’ve taken singing lessons previously or you’ve been looking for voice lessons recently, with me or someone else, and you want to do it.

If you’re still here, but haven’t joined yet, what’s holding you back?

Is the cost holding you back?

If you’ve taken voice lessons any time in the last five years, you know what the basic price range is, as well as the trajectory of prices (normal: rises with inflation, popularity of the activity, what the market will bear, etc.). But if you haven’t already taken the time to look around online, I invite you to do so (do a Google/Yahoo/whatever search for “private voice lessons [your city or online]). Within about 5 minutes you’ll begin to see patterns.

You’ll see that I’m not the lowest-priced out there. And I won’t be. Why?

  • The most important reason: because I help people move to get the results they want and achieve their goals for singing and vocal performance. Their goals may be professional, avocational, or hobby, but they’re valid goals no matter how you’d categorize them.

But there are other reasons I am not the cheapest option among singing instructors:

  • I worked professionally as a singer for a dozen years. I learned to survive and thrive as a singer who tests her voice on a daily basis.
  • I’ve been teaching private and group voice lessons for nearly twenty-five years.
  • I trained for twenty years under some incredible teachers at great expense (sometimes while I was scraping by as a performer).
  • I’ve self-studied for thirty years.
  • As much as I can, I keep abreast of all types of research affecting vocal performance.
  • I keep current and active in a national singing teacher’s association.

You’ll also begin to see that my pricing is in the medium range of private instruction.

So, I know: voice instruction is an investment. It’s a commitment, definitely, of time, energy, mental focus, and finances.

If you don’t want to invest those resources in order to get lessons, then private lessons aren’t for you – and this online group program isn’t for you, either.

Let’s be clear: You have to be willing to put in the work to get the results you want. There is no magic wand.


What would it be worth to you to be able to continue your voice lessons, despite the restrictions of the pandemic?

Will you invest in yourself today –

  • in your vision for how you’d like to use your voice?
  • in your hopes for having a voice you can use for a lifetime?
  • in your dreams for performing joyfully, powerfully, and effectively – in such a way that you impact other people’s lives by your vocal performance?

Don’t let another day go by.

  • Annual payment – $1997/year
  • Monthly payment – $197/month

To make Annual Payments:

To Make Monthly Payments

Natalie R. W. Eastman, headshot
Natalie R. W. Eastman
Owner, A Higher Note LLC
Founder, Keep Singing!

Natalie Eastman, Bio

Under the moniker A Higher Note LLC, Natalie Eastman has enthusiastically and clearly taught people to sing, and helped singers to sing better, for 24 years. Her client list includes two Miss America contestants and many gigging artists, as well as singers who offer their voices locally in choirs, bands, weddings, music theater and other extraordinary performances.

Dr. Eastman has performed in both leads and supporting roles, as well as in the choruses in community-theater musicals, summer-stock style musicals, and other stage performances at churches and in schools; wedding and special-events; dinner theater in D.C.; Broadway-style entertainment on the Spirit of Washington cruise ship; choral societies; The Washington Savoyards, a Gilbert & Sullivan society; community chorus; university choruses; a cappella groups; select choirs; church choirs; worship bands and acoustic worship teams; and early childhood music education (Kindermusik(TM), Musical Adventures, and Music Together(TM), including owning a Kindermusik(TM) studio for several years). Natalie has also performed as soloist for many weddings, receptions, and other events and been involved in all manner of meaningful, enjoyable – and fun – singing from early childhood throughout adulthood.

Natalie’s vocal studies include technique and performance in both classical and contemporary method.