Day 4 KS5DC Training & Assignments


Yesterday, we dove deep into building out a simple, memorable, flexible, effective, modular structure of your very own Daily Vocal Practice, which is what you need to get and/or keep the voice you want for a lifetime

Today, we’re going to build on that, adding more exercises. I’ll show you how flexible and effective this simple system can be. By the end of the day, if you watch the training and do your Daily Assignment, you’ll have the basics in place to know exactly what to do each time you practice. And the way you practice will grow your voice and make your best voice dependable, healthy, and powerful for a very, very long time – if you use it, of course. That’s why it’s designed to be so simple – so you’ll use it.


Day 4 Assignment
To grow your Daily Vocal Practice into something powerful and enduring for your voice:

After you finish watching the training video, do the following: 

Step 1: Add more exercises into your now-sorted Fab 5 lists. Yesterday, you placed the exercises into the three Fab 5 categories; today (and the rest of your life), you’re adding to those lists. Remember to number and name each exercise.​

  • Choose 5 exercises (to get started) for each category – these will be your Fab 5 for each category.​

Step 2: Name your Fab 5 for each category in these two places:

Step 3:  Go back later in the day to check out everyone else’s ideas and comment on at least ONE other person’s post. Look for inspiration for your own practice! 


Training from my online Keep Singing Group Singing Lessons & Vocal Coaching Program with more teaching on the Fab 5 Method, designing your Daily Vocal Practice, and a bunch of exercise demonstrations.

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK. This training is part of my paid group-coaching program. Thanks! This is a gift to you for being part of the Keep Singing 5-Day Challenge.


There will be a social-media assignment here! Some day…

You’re done! See you tomorrow!