The Keep Singing Program

These payment buttons include a 14-Day trial period, compliments of A Higher Note LLC. You’ll pay $1 to get your information into the system, then your payments will kick in after 14 days. That’ll give you a chance to get “settled in.” I hope you feel welcome and “at-home” soon!!

To Make the Full-Year Payment:

To Make Monthly Payments:

Once you pay, you’ll be taken to the “next steps” page. See you on the inside!

The Program Includes:

  • 4 LIVE Group Trainings & Coaching Sessions Every Month
  • A Private Online Group Coaching Platform
  • Instructional Training Modules Released Monthly (Video, Audio, PDF, and more)
  • Tools to Help You Organize Your Practice (PDFs: Calendars, Checklists, Transcripts, & More)
  • Vocal Exercises for Many Purposes
  • Encouraging Emails to Move You Along Week-to-Week
  • Performance Feedback Opportunities
  • We’re growing an Encouraging Community of Like-Minded People Who Want to Sing WELL for a Lifetime

Optional: The opportunity to do Laser Coaching Sessions with Natalie Eastman. These are for an extra per-session fee.